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Lewis Capaldi – April 7, 2023

Lewis Capaldi at Foxwoods Casino. What can I say? I quite enjoyed it!

While I do love me some metal, I’m a fan of live music. It just has to be good music from someone with talent. This Lewis Capaldi dude fits the bill!

There was an opener, but I can’t really say much as I only sat for one song (which was meh) and then spent the rest of her set in the merch line for my daughter and the beer line for me and the wifey. Em something. Biehold maybe? Beihold? Whatever.

This was a show that I wouldn’t have picked on my own, but now that I have a teenage daughter whose been bitten by the concert bug like her old man, I’m seeing more and more shows that aren’t my picks. If you’re like me and think you have no idea who Lewis Capaldi is, just listen to “Before you Go” and “Someone you Loved” (his encore) and you’ll probably realized you’ve heard some of his stuff.

Anyway, this Lewis dude has a great voice and he’s funny as hell. I believe it was during his second song, Forever that when he was hitting/holding some of the longer and higher notes, the crowd was cheering so loud it was throwing him off. He had to stop for a brief “Shut the fuck up! The song’s not over!” Of course this was in good fun as he was laughing.

He told quick stories in between songs, and seemed open to making fun of himself. He talked about how Foxwoods is so big (it really is) that when walking from his hotel room to the Hard Rock Café, he “should have taken a fuckin’ Uber.” Plus everything is just funnier with a Scottish accent.

While taking a sip of his drink, he stopped to tell the crowd how he was at one show and everyone was chanting “chug chug chug!” This makes him laugh because in Glasgow, Scotland “Chug” means something else. “To pleasure oneself” as he stated. He also took time to grab some cell phones from people in the crowd and take selfies. He took one of his rear end, looked at it, and commented about his sweaty crack, followed by “hey I’m a big guy!”

Before You Go

I’m told he has Tourette Syndrome. While you could notice some body and facial ticks, it never impacted his singing or performance. But he also never mentioned it. He does have a new documentary on Netflix that he discussed (and probably talks about this if I had to guess) because he stated that while watching the first draft, he wondered “Damn this is so depressing. Do I die at the end!?”

His songs are slower and sorta depressing (as they’re mostly about break ups) but he joked about that too. He sang, played guitar, and maybe played piano. He sat at the piano quite a few times while singing, but later said it was a lie and we heard piano playing while he held his hands up. So the jury is out for me on that one. But it was clear to me that he’s a talented dude with a good stage presence who seemed to be really enjoying himself. I enjoyed it as well. Good pick from my daughter! This metal head approves!

Set list is here if interested

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I love live music and will pretty much go to just about any concert. I've made a lot of friends because of my willingness to put that extra ticket to good use. I've been to hundreds of shows and finally I decided I should start writing about them. Better late than never I guess.


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