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w/The Pretty Reckless, The Warning, and Lilith Czar

July 20, 2022 @ Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater

Man, oh man was this a treat! First let me say, this was my first time at this venue and it’s a fantastic venue! Kudos to the mastermind behind this. Former baseball stadium converted into a beautiful amphitheater. I’ll be back for sure!

                So, the night started off with Lilith Czar but we were still parking when she was already playing. We were able to hear her cover of Edge of Seventeen while in the concourse and making our way to our seats. It was a solid cover. Once in our seats we caught her last two songs. The last song was called Anarchy and I only know that because she said so. Otherwise, not familiar with her at all. She was ok in my opinion. But no one I’m rushing back to see.

Next up was The Warning. I wasn’t familiar with this band, but they kicked ass! They are three sisters from Mexico. Bass, 1 guitar, and a crazy ass drummer! They were so good. They do a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman which is on the “Metallica Blacklist” tribute album. It was damn good and I recorded the audio version of it.

Enter Sandman – LIVE – The Warning

These girls could rock! I’d love to see them again. They were energetic, the songs were good, the vibe was great, they seemed to be having a ton of fun, and the lead singer puts on a mean ‘stank-face.’ Besides their cover of Enter Sandman they also played a song called Choke which was pretty bad ass. I wish I knew more of their songs, but you’ll have to figure out their playlist on your own if you’re inclined to do so. However, they gained a fan in me and hopefully several others that night!

                Next up was The Pretty Reckless. I had high hopes for this band as I’m familiar with some of their songs. They have a newer album out called “Death By Rock And Roll” and apparently this is their first tour in about 5 years. While they were the opener for Halestorm, their sound mix was prob the worst of the night (though still better than many venues). The band drowned out the singer, Taylor Momsen, a bit. You could still hear her, but not like all the other acts of the night.

                The title track was cool and I managed to snag a video of it. Their guitar player looks like Kenny G to me. Happily, he was as good on guitar as he is on saxophone. The dude could play.

                While Taylor seemed to be having a good time, I felt like she was more concerned with trying to look “sexy” than she was with putting on a good rock show. Or at least she was trying to balance the two. Just get out there and rock!* A couple times I felt like I was watching a Whitesnake music video being filmed, but instead of a car, she was grinding and slithering on a mic stand or drum riser. But really, what the hell do I know? She’s young and I no longer am. She’s a rock start and I never will be. So there’s that!

                Throughout the night their set included, Miss Nothing, Make Me Wanna Die, Witches Burn, Going to Hell, Heaven Knows, and Take Me Down as their closer. Of course, they also played Death by Rock and Roll which is a great track stating “But on my tombstone when I go, just put ‘Death by Rock and Roll’” which is something I can agree on having come close to death twice now by Rock and Roll! But those are other stories for another time. There were a couple other tracks throughout the night that I didn’t know or write down…I suck. Sorry about that! I still enjoyed the show, but I think The Warning owned them!

Death By Rock and Roll

                Halestorm was next. I was not prepared for the awesomeness. I’ve seen many many bands over the years, many of them with powerful voices and ranges in the studio, but are unable to keep up that caliber of singing for a whole show, so they adjust their style when live. NOT Lzzy Hale. Holy shizballs! From the get go, she was just crazy powerful and it never let up. I was not expecting her range, her power, or her stamina. I was truly impressed.

                If you’re a big Halestorm fan, you might as well skip this section because I’m only stating the obvious. While I’ve listened to this band for many years now, I’m not a fanboy who watches the videos, reads the articles, or stalks them online. I was just a listener. So, I legit had no idea that not only is Lzzy Hale a bad ass singer, but she can also really wail on that guitar, playing rhythm or lead, AND she’s a fantastic piano player. Like….wtf? So much talent for one person just seems unfair!

                Throughout the night, Lzzy Hale sang her ass off, hitting every note and more, and this is one of those occasions where the live performance blew away the studio versions of all songs. Pent up Covid anger/energy? Probably. But what a ton of fun this show was! The set opened with a total change to the stage setup. Lzzy’s brother Arejay (RJ) Hale was high up on the stage so his drum kit was well above all. Lzzy, guitarist Joe Hottinger, and bassist Joe Smith all joined him up high with a pretty sweet intro that turned into Back from the Dead. Then they moved into Love Bites which is a sweet tune followed by their new single Wicked Ways.

The band was great all night, never slowing down, Lzzy never lost her voice at all, and the night was filled with the good ole fashioned guitar solo and drum solo portions of a classic rock and roll show! Her voice, facial expression, crazy eyes, and energy had me laughing with joy throughout the night. She was laughing herself throughout the night, smiling, growling, mouth gaping, and more stank face! It was a range of emotions it seems. All smiles for the rest of the band. She was a sweaty, head banging mess by the time the show ended and she certainly never seemed to mind that! I’m kinda sad I’ve never seen them until now. I’ve definitely been missing out. They are a fantastic live band that you should see if you love to rock!

Their setlist was (hopefully I didn’t miss any):

  • Back from the Dead
  • Love Bites (and so do I)
  • Wicked Ways
  • Freak Like Me
  • Psycho Crazy
  • Bombshell
  • Terrible Things – Acoustic song
  • Break In – Lzzy solo on piano
  • Raise your Horns – another Lzzy on piano tune
  • I am the Fire
  • Drum Solo by Arejay
  • I Miss the Misery
  • Uncomfortable
  • I get off


  • Here’s to Us
  • Strange Girl
  • The Steeple (10 minute version)
“The Steeple” – LIVE – Halestorm (minus a few seconds off intro)

Next concert on deck – Rob Zombie on July 30th!

*Yes…I realize women rockers are probably under a different kind of pressure than dudes. They can’t just sound good, but have to look good too. Damn double standards.

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