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Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, & Jake Burns

Chalk this one up to “show’s I wouldn’t normally attend.” But I did, and I was surprised. The event was outdoors which made it pretty fun. With that, I’ll say that my review of this gig is completely from an outsider’s perspective. So hardcore fans, cut me some slack.

Jake Burns (don’t ask me the history of who he is because I don’t know) opened the show with an acoustic set. I liked that he told stories in between songs about the songs. I dig that Storytellers kind of vibe. I would describe him as having an Irish Folk sound, and I enjoyed it. It could’ve been more enjoyable if there hadn’t been giant stupid beach balls from a local radio station being thrown around the crowd. They were eventually popped, but not soon enough.

The Bouncing Souls were next, and they were ok. They had pretty good energy and the crowd was into them. That’s what’s important, right? Again, I’m an outsider and have to take the crowd’s word on this one. To quote Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Rancid was next and I was most excited for. They look much different than the 90’s MTV Rancid that I recall, but I guess that’s aging for you. They were cool and showed me that Slam Dancing/Moshing/Circle Pits (whatever the kids call it these days) still exists. Crowd surfing is very much still alive too. I hate crowd surfers, and I’ve hated it since I was a young lad. Surfing above me can guarantee you a punch to the spine or balls from below if I’m given the chance. Luckily for the crowd surfers, I was just out of crowd surfing range.

Anyway, Rancid was a lot of fun and closed with the two songs everyone (including me!) know. Time Bomb and Ruby Soho. Dropkick Murphys were still to come.

The Dropkicks started with a prerecorded intro. I’d like to find out who the singer was for that because I dug it! They opened with The Boys are Back (Hey, I know this one!) and have a pretty bad ass sound. It’s not every day you get see a band that incorporates bagpipes, an accordion, and a banjo. All seven band members also appear to lend vocal duties which really helps them grab their signature vocal sound in concert. They of course played all their hits including I’m Shipping up to Boston, Rose Tattoo, and The State of Massachusetts. They also did a pretty sweet cover of School’s Out by the one and only Alice Cooper (a highlight of the show for me).

For the close of the show, Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys rocked (punked?) out together. They did a couple bad ass songs I don’t know and a cover of I Fought the Law.

Overall, it was a really good show. I went with my friend Ryan who has seen Dropkick several times before and he says it was the best Dropkick show he’s ever seen. I guess that’s why I enjoyed it so much. They were pretty awesome. For being an outsider to the genre, but a fan of live music, it was pretty cool. I’d definitely go again. It was also some great people watching. I’ll just leave it at that.

Set list? Not a fricken clue. You’ll have to do a search for that!

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I love live music and will pretty much go to just about any concert. I've made a lot of friends because of my willingness to put that extra ticket to good use. I've been to hundreds of shows and finally I decided I should start writing about them. Better late than never I guess.


One thought on “Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, & Jake Burns

  1. Interesting lineup. I’ve seen these bands in the oddest of venues (Babyhead, Lupos, Studio 158 in Connecticut, and Fenway Park). Fun to know that they can still “bring it.” Rad blog, BTW.

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    Posted by Horton | August 7, 2017, 3:14 am

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